La Commenda
- "The place to restore your balance"
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Villa La Commenda Concordia is located in the breathtaking place just a short drive from the charming small town of Vicchio, famous for its beauty Mugello Valley and only an hour drive from Italian gem Florence. Nestled in the middle of the beautiful private parks, fields, and woods of Tuscany. Being so close to the world, it is so well hidden from it.
Style Location Atmosphere
Italian traditions: elegance, cuisine, and hospitality are all for your unforgettable Florentine experience.
Vast choice of activities as long and short walks and hikes.
Time to restore your inner balance: morning recreational practices, evening crystal bowls sound meditations, essence oil massage.
Villa La Commenda Concordia is located among the breathtaking Tuscany scenery, infused by the power of nature. The elegance of the architecture, peaceful atmosphere with some charming mystery in the air allow you to get lost and forget about outside business and simply enjoy the sense of presence. There is no better place to take the full breath, get rested, bring back the lost internal balance, put the pieces together, and get back to life just like the Phoenix.
Restore your bonds with nature, walk the endless fields and hills, enjoy the beauty of the forests, feel like life gradually comes back to you balancing your existence.
Your journey starts at the gates: centuries-old pine trees line the path to the villa. At the end of the path, you face the beautiful house covered in soft beams of the sun, the beautiful building dressed in the best Italian outfit welcoming you inside to explore what is hidden there.
  • 14 personalised styled bedrooms
  • XVI century tavern-style dining area
  • Fireplace area
  • Library
  • Outdoor swimming pool
14 personalised styled bedrooms
XVI century tavern-style dining area
Fireplace area
Outdoor swimming pool
There will be no complete picture without the outstanding and elegant cuisine of Tuscany. We not only offer you authentic local traditional recipes but find out even more dishes where lots of local fresh herbs and greenery are used. We offer balanced food that helps to get more energy, to experience the taste and pleasure of the cuisine of Tuscany.
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The Chapel of St.Catherine of Alexandria
Under the shadow of the Chestnut trees, you can find a small and beautiful family Chapel. The Chapel of St.Catherine of Alexandria. It was built circa XVIII century and in 2016 it was restored in its present beauty by famous artist Stefan Zarkov.