Local cuisine, wine and fragrances are always complete the travel experience. Our unique memories are based on what we see, what we smell and what we taste.
Local Tuscany cuisine is the best way to express the beauty of the land with its sunny heels, fruitful fields and gardens, aromatic local herbs. Each province has its unique signature dishes with the local secret ingredients you would never taste anywhere else. Our Mugello Valley is well know for its tasty home made pasta products like tortelli Mugellan, the recipe of which is kept in the XIV century Castle of the Vicars .
In the restaurant La Commenda Concordia you can taste not only traditional Tuscan recipes interpreted by talented young chefs in a modern way but also the favorite dishes of our Mugello province prepared from fresh local organic products. We are proud of our unique restaurant signature product our chefs are using - the most ancient and exquisite spice in the world - saffron. We plant and harvest it with care and love in our own fields to offer you the best local product.
Elegant cuisine from our restaurant and great selection of wines from our cellar are the gates to the Taste of Tuscany. Start with us and we will be happy to guide you further to discover more of what Tuscany can offer.

Our restaurant uses only Tuscan fresh products - products from "0 km". It means we use only products from selected local farmers within 100 km radius from our Villa La Commenda Concordia.

An ancient farm of more than a thousand years of history that has made the quality of its products the flag of its modernity is a supplier of the fresh cheeses not only to the US President in the White House but also to our restaurant La Commenda Concordia. In the old grotto of the Ubaldini Villa there is a store room of cheese that gets a daily olive oil massage treatment while aging.

Wines in Italy, and especially Tuscany, are important part of the Italian and local cuisine. To make sure you have the best choice of wines, we have specially selected collection of best possible wines in the area.

Our wine list was created by some of the best professional sommeliers, carefully selected to offer our guests a choice of wine from the best world's famous Tuscan producers: from premium wines producers to micro-producers, wines from the rare collections that the most sophisticated connoisseurs would be proud to have in their cellars.

Exquisite choice of Wines from our Cellar
wine list

What is the taste of Tuscany?
The taste of Tuscany is a fuse of Tuscany wine's notes -notes of dried herbs, sweet tobacco, some sour cherry or red fruits, hint of balsamic vinegar combined with taste of olive oil infused with love to local landscapes, sun and fresh air... Can you taste it? You are at the start of the most beautiful journey in your life...

We can offer unique wine tasting tours, cooking masterclasses, tours to cheese factory and many more. Please check our website/ check dedicated links or contact us directly to find out more.