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Not far from the Villa there is a golf club where you can enjoy the game if you feel like playing golf on of the days you are staying by us.

Poggio dei Medici golf club is only 20 min drive ( 19 km) away from the villa La Commenda Concordia.

The 18-hole par 73 course was designed by the famous Baldovino Dassu, the best Italian golfer in the 70s and architect Alvise Rossi Fioravanti in accordance with the standards of the United States Golf Association (USGA). The golf club, opened in 1995, has a course of 6,397 meters long, 5,091 meters from women's tees and 6,519 meters from competition tees.

Poggio dei Medici Golf Club has been selected to host the Women's European Tour : five consecutive Ladies Italian Open editions from 1999 to 2003, and later three games in the European Men's Challenge Tour ( 2010, 2011 and 2013).

The undulations of the terrain are also an important part of the course. While the spaces are more sweeping and if on the one hand, errors are more easily forgiven, on the other, the length of the holes - all with great character and well-defined personality - makes for extra difficulty.

At first sight, you will be won over by the charm of the countryside and elegant atmosphere of the 16th century Villa di Cignano, an age-old hunting residence that belonged to the Medici family converted into a clubhouse.

Its position makes it a privileged destination for Italian and foreign tourists who find in it yet one another reason, were it necessary, to visit this fortunate region abounding with art, fine cuisine and blessed with a panorama which, amidst ancient farmhouse and Renaissance mansions, has remained unchanged over time.

The club is open all year round, every day. PGA Professionals can provide customised golf lessons.

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