Our Philosophyand Atmosphere
Far from city noise and nestled among the endless stretch of the charming land of Tuscany there is a place full of love, natural beauty, and charm. It marries well beauty of nature with the beauty of the place. There, at La Commenda Concordia, where you can lose the track of time and have a wonderful time with yourself, harmonising your inner self and find the balance. This is a small family-owned ecotourism place that was created with love and care to share it with the rest of the world.
Villa La Commenda
The harmony
of the architecture and the very special
place where you can sense the power of Mother Nature helps people to restore their inner power and find the balance many of us losing in a hectic busy life.
Quality time – vocation of your life
Limitless possibilities to contemplate the scenery in a combination of the activities or meditation help to restore your inner-self and get ready for new achievements.
Focus on main things
To make the place more relaxing we welcome families with children over 12 years old and we do not have TV sets in our rooms.
Vocation infused with the good vibe and relaxation.
Your vocation will be not completed without traditional local Italian cuisine. We are happy to offer you traditional Tuscan food presented by modern young talents. The young generation has their way to present old recipes to bring not only the taste of it by to be pleasant to the eye. Only the best selection of local products with greenery is used.
House Rules:
We are open to adults and families with children of age 12+.
To create peace and a quiet atmosphere for our guests we have no TV sets in our rooms.
Non-smoking policy inside the Villa.
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed to keep safe the peacock family that lives here.